Join the digital revolution

We use the most advanced technology, being able to create the synergy of document management, with process automation and artificial intelligence, and the result is KemChain.

KemChain enables a new world without manual data entry to collect all the information from MSDS and other documents with component detail. It automatically extracts the chemical information from the different sections with maximum accuracy avoiding manual errors. It processes thousands of MSDS (substances and mixtures) in hours instead of weeks.

No more emails about technical documentation and questionnaires for approval, authorization or evaluation of suppliers.
Data extraction

Get digitized chemical detail of components to reduce manual data collection and avoid errors and non-compliance.


Cloud solution, unlimited users and web interface, multilanguage and adaptable.


Use our regulatory database (REACH SVHC, IFRA, Cosmetics EU, etc.) to check compliance with ingredients and components.

The platform you had dreamed of

Indicators of suppliers, raw materials and documents always up to date.

From small to multi-affiliate companies, all managed by a single person.

API solution, definitions and protocols to integrate the KemChain platform with your ERP.

Custom listings

Each user can adapt their lists intuitively and easily.

The data always yours

Export any list to . XLS (Microsoft Excel®️) or . CSV (*).

Forget about document management

Initial loading of supplier documents and raw materials in a massive way. No longer numerous months of implementation by loading data manually.

Stop entering data manually: Scans and simplifies all technical documents by automating the process of extracting relevant data. Depending on the type of document: KemChain completes the supplier data, raw material, components, impurities, hazards, specifications.

Enjoy having all the technical documents up to date. KemChain is responsible for requesting, receiving and analyzing all documents that will expire. Validate and attend other more interesting tasks.

Traceability of document versions.

Simplifies the approval and evaluation of suppliers and raw materials

Simplified workflow with reminders of tasks to be performed.

Makes massive requests to suppliers of new requirements.

Assignment of labels to suppliers and raw materials to optimize approval and evaluation criteria.

Maintenance of supplier contacts. Various types of contacts are allowed, depending on the types of contact defined the system is able to notify and assign tasks to suppliers.

Grouping of data by ingredient: group all documents by raw materials from suppliers in each ingredient with your standards of components, impurities, specifications, hazards, etc…

Uses our legal regulations database (EU Cosmetic Legislation, IFRA49th, REACH SVHC, authorization, chemical inventories by country, etc.) to check compliance with your ingredients and components.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving product management is monitoring ingredient data. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain data quality and reliability due to continuous updates, complexity, and the increasing number of legal obligations.

From now on, let KemChain take care of it for you!