We cost much less than… not knowing which documents have expired nor having them updated!


Upload and order all technical documents and get unified control of suppliers and raw materials.


Automate the document lifecycle and validate ingredients with our legal compliance database.


Extract all the relevant information with our Artificial Intelligence and do not type so much data.

Essential Automated Smart
Technical document management
Active ingredients <1.000 <2.000 <3.000
Active documents <10.000 <30.000 <50.000
Users 1 3 10
New massive document requests
Activity tracking and notifications
Help docs
Basic Chat Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager 50h/year 150h/year
API Integration $ $
ERP Integration $ $ $
Technical integration setup $ $ $
Automated document lifecycle
Compliance database checker
Custom branding
Extract relevant data with our AI
Validation processing tool
Cloud solution, with 100% web user interface, multi-language and adaptable.

Dashboard and tables customizable by user, allowing change of the order of columns, sizes and filters. With permissions to export and import (XLS or CSV format).

Unlimited users. From a master user, you can register the people of the company that you consider necessary, by accesses and departments.

Bulk loading and extraction of data from documents using Artificial Intelligence.

Compliance section, to review ingredients and their components compliance. Preloaded Databased such as REACH (SVHC, PIC), Cosmetics EU, Countries inventories, etc.

Dashboard control of documents, raw materials, suppliers and ingredients.

Automation of request for new and expired documents and questionnaires to suppliers.

Creation and management of questionnaires for suppliers and raw materials.

Estimated ROI calculation

  • Significant savings with the automation of technical documents.
  • Tangible benefits from implementing KemChain for process improvement and task automation.